Conner + Mariah’s Wedding gives us all the feels.

This wedding was one of the first ones that we had started using our planning portal and boy, was that a game changer! It was so helpful to our setting up and tearing down staff, but even for us to look at all the details at-a-glance. We had been doing timelines, song requests, and a few other small things, but this changed our game. We even included requesting décor and so much more.

The photos tell Conner + Mariah’s story so well. We remember the guys were very well-dressed. The bride was gorgeous and down to earth, which is the best kind! You could feel the love in the room and it was such a beautiful day.

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VENUE: The Barn at Timber Ridge
OFFICIANT: Lori Bradley
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley B's Photography
DJ: The Barn at Timber Ridge
CATERING: The Barn at Timber Ridge
VIDEOGRAPHER: Parker Mitchell with Mitchellography
FLORIST: Beth Graves
CAKE: Michele Lee with Sweet Lee Made